Alchemy Stone Designs: Protection Stones

Alchemy Stone "Protection Sets" were originally created as an indirect outgrowth of part of Sarah's practice of doing psychic house cleansings for her clients, and for local real estate agents wanting to make sure that their property listings were "clean" of negative spiritual energy.

The First Protection set from 2014, before receiving its finish coat
The first set was created in 2014 to create a protected space around weekly Paranormal workshops Sarah was hosting at the time; it has been protecting our "Sacred Space" room in our house since 2015.

We all want to feel safe and protected — whether from the physical elements, or from forms of energetic or spiritual intrusion.

Protection Sets are matched sets of FOUR stones (one representing each compass direction) designed to protect your space and enhance your own intention setting for keeping your surroundings energetically clean and positive.

Creating a set begins with simply finding four energetically matching stones on one of our local beaches — which can take quite some time! I never start painting till I have a matched set of plain stones.

The stones are then cleansed and the painting begins. The four stones will have similar design elements indicating that they are clearly "a set," but they are not identical across each color — some variation will always occur.

Protection sets can be used to simply grid a room or a work space, or they can be used to protect your entire house or property. We have even sold a set that was used to protect an entire multiple-practitioner massage and yoga studio.

A smaller Protection Set from 2018
Having a compass (or GPS device) handy when you "set" the stones is important.

The North is represented by the blue stone; East is represented by the yellow stone; South is represented by the green stone and West is represented by the red stone.

Seems people need a lot of protection! You can usually find them in the eBay shop (← link), but they are often sold out, alas.

Please note: The sets shown in this post are examples only, and have long since found their homes! Items in the shop are going to be different. In the future, I hope to develop a fixed schedule for when new sets become available; hopefully every 4 months or so.