A Few Thoughts About "Meditation Stones"

For those familiar with the metaphysical Healing and Helping professions, the idea of "Meditation Stones" is not exactly new.

This stone has 3rd Eye Chakra energy, and could easily be used
as a Meditation Stone.
If you Google "Meditation Stones," you will likely get thousands of results, and you'll also notice that the majority of them lead to natural crystals and minerals.

Alchemy Stones are also excellent Meditation Stones, and it's worth noting that most of the "original" stones I painted over a decade ago for friends, were specifically for meditation.

Part of what makes Alchemy Stones unique as Meditation Stones are the patterns, themselves.

The mandala/sacred geometry paintings provide excellent focal points to help you enter a meditative state. In the course of going to fairs and festivals, we have had many seasoned meditators tell us that simply sitting and looking at the patterns calms their mind.

In addition, our Chakra Stones each have a very specific energy, ideal for those who are working with balancing and healing particular issues.

So my final comment here is that "Meditation Stones" by no means have to be a "crystal" in order to be useful, regardless of what the New Age industry might suggest!