Alchemy Stones for the Holidays! Where to Find Them...

As the 2020 Holiday Season draws closer, most of us face the unusual situation that we don't get to "go places" to shop for unique gifts, the way we have in years past.

Similarly, we have been taking Alchemy Stones "on the road" to Holiday Arts and Crafts Fairs for many years, but we don't get to do so this year because all our regular show venues have sadly been canceled, meaning that we have not only lost much of our holiday business, but we are going to miss the opportunity to meet up with a lot of old friends!

However, there are still many ways to buy Alchemy Stones from our online stores, and we have an exceptional selection this year... so we invite you to visit one — or all — our online shops! Although I keep adding new Stones as quickly as they become ready, let's not forget that they are all entirely done by hand, so there's a limit to how many I can paint!

Anyway, thanks in advance for having a look, and for "buying handmade" during these difficult times!

Alchemy Stones Etsy Shop

Lots of new designs in the Etsy Shop, and new items being added daily. There's a Holiday Special of FREE SHIPPING (USA only) on all orders totaling $35.00 or more, which will be calculated automatically when you check out.

Alchemy Stones eBay Shop

Also an extensive selection in the eBay store, and more being added daily. If you're looking for something spectacular and impressive, most of the "big" stones from my "Signature Collection" can be found in the eBay store. Check it out!

Alchemy Stones on Facebook

With Covid-19 keeping many of us at home, people are spending more time than ever with social media, and particularly Facebook. To make things easier, we now have an integrated shop on our Facebook page, so you can shop Alchemy Stones without even leaving Facebook. It's a smaller selection than the other two shops, but it's growing. Have a look!

"Sun Stones" are a new type of design from this fall.

Please note that each shop carries a unique selection. 

Until it's "safe" to go out again, we will continue to rely entirely on online sales; unfortunately, we no longer have the stones in any outside retail locations.

If you're not in the market for a stone right now, but would still like to support independent art and artists, please consider becoming a "Patron" of Alchemy Stones via our Patreon appeal, for as little as $3.00. All support is gratefully accepted, and will help us keep moving forward!

Visit the Alchemy Stones Patreon page

A heartfelt "Thank You" for your interest in Alchemy Stones, and please to have a Happy (and safe!) Holiday Season!