Visit our "Other" Blog on the Hive Social Content Network!

Today, we'd like to take a bit of a "sidetrack" to introduce everyone to our "other" blog, which is part of the Hive Social content universe!

The purpose of this post is actually two-fold: 

First, we'd like to let you know about another venue where you can read more about Alchemy Stones: this "alternative" blog focuses more on the making of individual stones, as well as on greater "philosophical" topics in the world of art and creativity.

Second, we're also extending an invitation to fellow artists and readers alike to consider getting involved in a unique but rapidly growing niche within the Social Web.

You can find our other blog here: Alchemy Stones on Hive (opens in a new tab/window).

A bit more background and explanation:

Alchemy Stones originally got involved with the Hive Social Ecosystem almost three years ago. Whereas Hive is similar to a Facebook in some ways, it is also a little "different" because it's not run by a "company;" it operates via the consensus and creative efforts of its users and your content can't be banned, censored, taken down or demonetized. 

What's more, when you post content to Hive, you also have the opportunity to earn rewards for your efforts, in the form of the network's native cryptocurrency, "Hive." 

No, this is not some new-fangled, fringe-dwelling venue... Hive first saw the light of day in mid-2016 and has somewhat in excess of two million users. 

So, if you're a blogger, writer, poet, artist, vlogger, musician, gamer or other creative content wizard, why not come join us? We mostly create our posts using a very user-friendly interface called "PeakD," which is part of this next generation of social content where YOU retain ownership and control, so do stop by and learn more about Hive and make an account! 

At least, check it out! The above is a "referral" link, but we don't get anything for putting it here, and you won't get any email or sales pitches... if you use it, it simply allows us to know that you came from our web site, so we can find you and welcome you in person!