Alchemy Stone Designs: Amplification Stones

The idea of "Amplification Stones" came to me during this fall. In a way, it was an extension of previous meditations during which I had focused on a very specific issue (or illness) for one of our clients.

A very large and intricate Amplification Stone
What if we could just amplify any intent? What if we could take it beyond just saying "F*ck cancer!" or "F*uck arthritis?"

In the process of exploring this idea, I came up with what is by far the most "intense" design style I have attempted, to date.

As the name suggests, the intention behind these stones is to amplify energy: focus, during meditation; intent, during goal setting; clarity, during prayer; memory, during studies and so forth. In the process of "field testing" these with friends, we discovered that looking intently at the pattern for several minutes also seemed to trigger memories of past lives in some people. No promises there, though!

Amplification stones are particularly powerful when used in conjunction with other Alchemy Stones, particularly Protection sets, Chakra sets and Altar Sets, but they can certainly also be used by themselves.

A selection of Amplification Stones, October 2018
They can typically be recognized by their "code;" an intricate compass-node color dot pattern at the center of the design — quite different from the design style of any other Alchemy Stone.

I am very excited about these stones! Several Energy Healers and Light Workers we "tested" them with gave extremely positive feedback... and the Amplification Stones really represent the next big "jump" in the history of Alchemy Stones.

These designs will make their public debut when we attend the Healing Hearts Psychic Fair on November 10th, at the Masonic Hall in Bremerton, Washington.

Hope to see you there!

To buy online, Amplification Stones also have their own special page in our eBay shop, for those who can't visit to see them in person!