The Book

A photographic coffee table book about Alchemy Stones and their creative history is currently in the early planning stages. Stay tuned for announcements as the project unfolds.

As of 2019, our primary objective remains to accumulate a large library of high quality images to use in the book. Because we don't like the idea of a "second rate" project, the next phase of creating the book is not going to happen until we have enough good photographs to warrant getting started, in earnest. After all, telling "the Story of Alchemy Stones" cannot be done without photos that show the history of Alchemy Stones.

As of mid-2019 a second project involving Alchemy Stones is "in progress." We will be creating a very special and unique Chakra Stone set that will be used as part of a Oracle Card deck. A release date for the Oracle Card deck has not yet been set.

Although not a book, our printed Alphabet Postcards will soon be available through our online stores.



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