Alchemy Stones: Your Energetic "Room Diffusers!"

You are probably familiar with the room diffusers — often marketed under the name "Scentsy" — people use to freshen a space, and perhaps get rid of an undesired odor.

Sarah recently made the interesting observation that Alchemy Stones work very much like energetic room diffusers; pushing away undesirable energetic influences in a room or space.

We often see this "in action" when we attend fairs and show with Alchemy Stones. We watch kids — in particular — interact with the stones, and their entire demeanor and energy changes. I believe this holds true because kids are not yet hampered by artificially introduced belief systems, telling them what they "can" or "should" believe is real. They don't have to wade through the quagmire of their "mental gumbo" in order to decide what's real, and what's not — they simply interact, from a natural place!

I am also reminded of one of the very earliest shows we to Alchemy Stones to, as a vendor. A very nice lady stopped by our booth, thought the stones were amazing and bought quite a few of them, on the spot!

We were delighted, of course, as it was one of our very first "large" sales.

Several years later. we saw her again (at a different show) and she shared that she was actually a child psychologist working mostly with troubled teens.

She kept her small basket of Alchemy Stones in her office, and whenever she had and angry and unruly youngster in the office, she'd ask them to pick a stone and go sit on the couch and just look at it. Amazingly, their mind would become calmer in a matter of a few minutes, and she would be able to "reach" them and start a real conversation!

This was a completely unsolicited testimonial, but it really gave credence to the idea of Alchemy Stones as being able to change the energetic atmosphere.

On the whole, it just makes me happy that the stones can do their part to create positive vibes!


Buying Alchemy Stones When Visiting Port Townsend: The Candle Store

On June 26th, 2019, our Red Dragonfly Gallery in Port Townsend's Undertown closed its doors for the last time.

A large Heart Chakra stone
Over the years, we have developed quite a local following for Alchemy Stones, and our fans have been wondering where they will be able to buy Alchemy Stones IN PERSON now that the Red Dragonfly is no more.

Good News!

We have come to an agreement with the Red Dragonfly's neighbor Ruthy Marlow — proprietor of Port Townsend's marvelous Candle Store — to continue offering a selection of Alchemy Stones in a "brick-and-mortar" setting in Port Townsend!

Starting around July 20th, 2019, The Candle Store will have a well-stocked dedicated display case with examples of all our most popular stones, including our "petites" (great little handmade gift items for under $10!), Chakra Stones, Pocket Hearts, Chakra Stone, Altar and Protection SETS and more.

These will be all the same hand painted Alchemy Stones we have always had, just a new venue, and we plan to add new designs as they become available, so the selection will stay "fresh!"

We're excited about this new collaboration with the Candle Store! Ruthy is a good friend and a fellow fan of Alchemy Stones. And while you're visiting, be sure to also check out the one of the finest selections of incense and hand dipped candles in the Pacific Northwest!

The Candle Store is located in Undertown in the heart of Port Townsend; down the stairs under the green pergola at the intersection of Water and Taylor Streets. For opening hours (Closed Tuesdays), call Ruthy at (360) 344-4144.


Support Alchemy Stones via our Patreon Campaign!

Much as we'd like to think otherwise, the reality of actually "making a living" from Alchemy Stones still remains a distant dream.

There is, in fact, a lot of truth to the old saying that artists are "starving!"

Very large and intricate stone; created as a meditation stone
for a cancer sufferer
Whether you are a long-time fan of Alchemy Stones or just discovered them, we could really use your help!

The thing is, Alchemy Stones are not my livelihood. I actually run two home-based businesses in addition to doing other outside work... which means that the actual time I have available to create Alchemy Stones is very limited, quite simply because I cannot afford to give the time to them I would really like.

Of course, it is my dream to be able to eventually develop my art into something that at least affords a reliable part time income, but that's still a long way off... even after seven years of doing this in "the spaces in between." Realizing that I would never reach this dream under our current circumstances, I have decided to take a different approach.

Can You Spare $1 a month? $5 a month?

For as little as a dollar a month, you can become a supporter of Alchemy Stones via our Patreon campaign. If you are not familiar with it, Patreon is a crowdfunding platform for artists and creatives, designed to connect art lovers and artists so that Independent Art and Creativity that grow and thrive.

I call this color set a "peacock stone."
Aren't we just "begging for money," here?


In the olden days, artists were often supported by their communities and wealthier citizens... which allowed them to create, rather than just toil in the fields.

As someone once pointed out to me: "It's difficult to become a painter, when all your time goes to one full time and one part time job, just so you can pay rent and eat..."

In the case of the campaign for Alchemy Stones, the idea is to develop enough small sponsorships that it buys some time I can use to create, and then I would actually have stones to sell as a source of income. Tough to do, if I don't have time to actually paint the stones!

But that's only half the story.

YOUR Value for Money!

Our Patreon funding effort is set up in such a way that sponsors/patrons actually can get their full value back, in terms of benefits and freebies!

We have six different sponsorship tiers, starting at just $1 a month, up to a top limit of $50 a month. We deliberately kept the levels pretty low... the idea being that "real people" should be able to afford to participate.

As a supporter of Alchemy Stones, you'll get free gifts, discounts and other goodies potentially worth about 120-150% of the value of your support level. Because we're not running a charity here, we're simply trying to get an art-based business up, running and established!

Of course, if you simply think it's a worthy cause you'd support even without the benefits, we're equally grateful!

So, please consider supporting this creative dream! Are you willing to give up one latte a month at your local Starbucks in service of supporting handmade spiritual art in our technological age?

We hope so!

At least... go check out the Alchemy Stones Patreon page... there's no charge for looking!


A Few Thoughts About "Meditation Stones"

For those familiar with the metaphysical Healing and Helping professions, the idea of "Meditation Stones" is not exactly new.

This stone has 3rd Eye Chakra energy, and could easily be used
as a Meditation Stone.
If you Google "Meditation Stones," you will likely get thousands of results, and you'll also notice that the majority of them lead to natural crystals and minerals.

Alchemy Stones are also excellent Meditation Stones, and it's worth noting that most of the "original" stones I painted over a decade ago for friends, were specifically for meditation.

Part of what makes Alchemy Stones unique as Meditation Stones are the patterns, themselves.

The mandala/sacred geometry paintings provide excellent focal points to help you enter a meditative state. In the course of going to fairs and festivals, we have had many seasoned meditators tell us that simply sitting and looking at the patterns calms their mind.

In addition, our Chakra Stones each have a very specific energy, ideal for those who are working with balancing and healing particular issues.

So my final comment here is that "Meditation Stones" by no means have to be a "crystal" in order to be useful, regardless of what the New Age industry might suggest!


Showtime Again: 2019 UFO Summit, Ocean Shores, Washington

The 2019 UFO Paranormal Summit took place in Ocean Shores, Washington, on March 1st-3rd.

The Alchemy Stones table at the UFO Summit
This was the 2nd time we have taken Alchemy Stones to the UFO Summit, which is absolutely our favorite "esoteric" show we attend. We have found an exceptionally high degree of appreciation for the stones in the UFO and Paranormal communities.

Perhaps it's because Peter channels the designs from "The Great Beyond?" Who knows... however, it was a very fun and rewarding weekend!

While Peter manned the Alchemy Stones table, Sarah was a keynote speaker on the show schedule!

This is a very well organized and very well attended event that draws visitors from the Seattle-Tacoma area as well as from metro Portland. Most people come for all three days and stay at the resort, but there are also "day visitors."

A look into the main hall; Sarah is giving her presentation
New for this event was the introduction of Alchemy Stones' "Ascension Sets."

They were quite well received, although only one set found a new home.

On the other hand, the 2019 UFO Summit turned into a new all-time most successful show for us; more evidence that it's important to explore different audiences for art and other products... you just never know what is going to happen.

Naturally, we are planning to be back for the 2020 UFO Summit which will happen March 6th-8th next year. Our success at both UFO Summits we have attended with Alchemy Stones suggests that maybe we need to explore this niche further.

The vendor area at the UFO Paranormal Summit
Very nice people, fun weekend, and it was also cool to be able to stand in the doorway and listen in on some of the lectures and presentations in the main hall.


Alchemy Stone Designs: Ascension Stone Sets

Every now and then, we come up with a new design idea for Alchemy Stones that just "feels right."

This "Master" Ascension Set is one of the best pieces of work
I have made in the 10+ years I have been painting stones
Now, you might be thinking: "Yes, but it's ART, isn't it just created from artistic inspiration?"

Well, yes... and no.

I would say "yes" if we were purely talking about arts and crafts here; if Alchemy Stones were nothing more than "stones with pretty painting."

But that's not what they are: This is spiritual art, channeled from a Higher Source, and the stones end up being both "pretty art" and tools used for meditation and healing. And so, quite a bit of planning and thinking and deliberating goes into new design "groups." And quite a few of them never leave the drawing board, so to speak.

Ascension Stone Sets are whole new idea, building somewhat on our now very popular "Amplification Stones," introduced in the fall of 2018.

The basic idea is a set of five stones, in which you are represented by the center stone, which is somewhat larger than the four stones surrounding it.

Detail of one of the stones from the above set
At the most fundamental level, the four surrounding stones are named (and labeled) for the four directions: North, East, South and West. As much as anything, this is to aid in the correct placement of the stones.

However, in the spiritual sense, these four are also representative of the four elements, Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Because Ascension Sets mark a deeply spiritual process, there are layered and deeper meanings here. In essence, the four stones represent the Mind, the Body, the Spirit… and the Ethereal, to pull them together, with you at the center, as the "subject."

You can also consider them in the context of Pyramid Energy: In a Four-sided Pyramid, you have four sides, and then there is the apex, representing you as the individual seeking enlightenment or "Ascension."

The intent — which we have now "field tested" with several deeply spiritual and "tuned in" friends — is for your Ascension set to serve as a tool to help you reach deeper states of meditation and higher levels of understanding of the Universe around you.

We're very excited about these new stones, which will make their "public debut" at the upcoming UFO Paranormal Summit in Ocean Shores, Washington next weekend!

Updated: A limited number of Ascension Sets are now available in the Alchemy Stones eBay shop.


Happy New Year from Alchemy Stones!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a very Happy 2019! May this be the best year ever for you, and for all of us!

A large "Dream Stone"
2018 was quite a good year for Alchemy Stones. Several great new "design styles" were introduced, and were well received.

We attended a few outside events... although our show schedule has been much more limited since we opened the Red Dragonfly Gallery in mid-2016. It's challenging to manage having both a shop and doing fairs and events when there's just two people!

We are still enjoying quite a bit of success from displaying the stones at the Red Dragonfly and having a permanent "brick-and-mortar" location. Whereas we have previously tried having Alchemy Stones on consignment at a couple of metaphysics stores, it's very different when the artist is actually on hand all the time to talk about and explain the story behind the art.

Our ambition for 2019 is to continue developing particularly the spiritual aspects of Alchemy Stones. If there's one thing we have learned from our Red Dragonfly location, it is that the market for painted stones — however beautiful and intricate they may be — simply as "a thing" is quite limited.

Thank you for your interest and support in the past, and here's wishing you a great year ahead!