Alchemy Stone Designs: Ascension Stone Sets

Every now and then, we come up with a new design idea for Alchemy Stones that just "feels right."

This "Master" Ascension Set is one of the best pieces of work
I have made in the 10+ years I have been painting stones
Now, you might be thinking: "Yes, but it's ART, isn't it just created from artistic inspiration?"

Well, yes... and no.

I would say "yes" if we were purely talking about arts and crafts here; if Alchemy Stones were nothing more than "stones with pretty painting."

But that's not what they are: This is spiritual art, channeled from a Higher Source, and the stones end up being both "pretty art" and tools used for meditation and healing. And so, quite a bit of planning and thinking and deliberating goes into new design "groups." And quite a few of them never leave the drawing board, so to speak.

Ascension Stone Sets are whole new idea, building somewhat on our now very popular "Amplification Stones," introduced in the fall of 2018.

The basic idea is a set of five stones, in which you are represented by the center stone, which is somewhat larger than the four stones surrounding it.

Detail of one of the stones from the above set
At the most fundamental level, the four surrounding stones are named (and labeled) for the four directions: North, East, South and West. As much as anything, this is to aid in the correct placement of the stones.

However, in the spiritual sense, these four are also representative of the four elements, Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Because Ascension Sets mark a deeply spiritual process, there are layered and deeper meanings here. In essence, the four stones represent the Mind, the Body, the Spirit… and the Ethereal, to pull them together, with you at the center, as the "subject."

You can also consider them in the context of Pyramid Energy: In a Four-sided Pyramid, you have four sides, and then there is the apex, representing you as the individual seeking enlightenment or "Ascension."

The intent — which we have now "field tested" with several deeply spiritual and "tuned in" friends — is for your Ascension set to serve as a tool to help you reach deeper states of meditation and higher levels of understanding of the Universe around you.

We're very excited about these new stones, which will make their "public debut" at the upcoming UFO Paranormal Summit in Ocean Shores, Washington next weekend!

Updated: A limited number of Ascension Sets are now available in the Alchemy Stones eBay shop.

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