Showtime Again: 2019 UFO Summit, Ocean Shores, Washington

The 2019 UFO Paranormal Summit took place in Ocean Shores, Washington, on March 1st-3rd.

The Alchemy Stones table at the UFO Summit
This was the 2nd time we have taken Alchemy Stones to the UFO Summit, which is absolutely our favorite "esoteric" show we attend. We have found an exceptionally high degree of appreciation for the stones in the UFO and Paranormal communities.

Perhaps it's because Peter channels the designs from "The Great Beyond?" Who knows... however, it was a very fun and rewarding weekend!

While Peter manned the Alchemy Stones table, Sarah was a keynote speaker on the show schedule!

This is a very well organized and very well attended event that draws visitors from the Seattle-Tacoma area as well as from metro Portland. Most people come for all three days and stay at the resort, but there are also "day visitors."

A look into the main hall; Sarah is giving her presentation
New for this event was the introduction of Alchemy Stones' "Ascension Sets."

They were quite well received, although only one set found a new home.

On the other hand, the 2019 UFO Summit turned into a new all-time most successful show for us; more evidence that it's important to explore different audiences for art and other products... you just never know what is going to happen.

Naturally, we are planning to be back for the 2020 UFO Summit which will happen March 6th-8th next year. Our success at both UFO Summits we have attended with Alchemy Stones suggests that maybe we need to explore this niche further.

The vendor area at the UFO Paranormal Summit
Very nice people, fun weekend, and it was also cool to be able to stand in the doorway and listen in on some of the lectures and presentations in the main hall.

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