Buying Alchemy Stones When Visiting Port Townsend: The Candle Store

On June 26th, 2019, our Red Dragonfly Gallery in Port Townsend's Undertown closed its doors for the last time.

A large Heart Chakra stone
Over the years, we have developed quite a local following for Alchemy Stones, and our fans have been wondering where they will be able to buy Alchemy Stones IN PERSON now that the Red Dragonfly is no more.

Good News!

We have come to an agreement with the Red Dragonfly's neighbor Ruthy Marlow — proprietor of Port Townsend's marvelous Candle Store — to continue offering a selection of Alchemy Stones in a "brick-and-mortar" setting in Port Townsend!

Starting around July 20th, 2019, The Candle Store will have a well-stocked dedicated display case with examples of all our most popular stones, including our "petites" (great little handmade gift items for under $10!), Chakra Stones, Pocket Hearts, Chakra Stone, Altar and Protection SETS and more.

These will be all the same hand painted Alchemy Stones we have always had, just a new venue, and we plan to add new designs as they become available, so the selection will stay "fresh!"

We're excited about this new collaboration with the Candle Store! Ruthy is a good friend and a fellow fan of Alchemy Stones. And while you're visiting, be sure to also check out the one of the finest selections of incense and hand dipped candles in the Pacific Northwest!

The Candle Store is located in Undertown in the heart of Port Townsend; down the stairs under the green pergola at the intersection of Water and Taylor Streets. For opening hours (Closed Tuesdays), call Ruthy at (360) 344-4144.


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