Introducing: "Petite" Alchemy Stones

I'm often trying something new with my stone designs, and in response to recent requests for "little gifts" we're pleased to announce the arrival of "Petite Alchemy Stones."

What are these, exactly?

Well, as the name suggests... they are smaller, generally about 1" (25mm) to 1 1/4" (31mm) in diameter. They come in a small purple gift bag, with a smaller version of our "Alchemy Stone History" booklet. They are signed and numbered like all Alchemy Stones... but the designs are generally somewhat simpler than their larger counterparts.

What's "different" about them is that we sell them "assorted," for $8.00 each, or $85.00 for a dozen.

"Why?" you might be thinking...

For one thing, we wanted to make Alchemy Stones available to as many people as possible. We also wanted to accommodate those who might be buying multiples... to use as grooms or bridesmaids' gifts, or perhaps as giveaways for an event.

All in all, we feel it's a pretty outstanding deal, all around. You get an authentic hand made art item with a metaphysical "meaning," in a presentation bag... all for under $10. They are small and colorful and each one unique.

The original idea, however, was inspired by our love of labyrinths. Sarah and I are lifetime members of the Labyrinth Society, and we have both been interested in labyrinths for many years. Sarah even uses labyrinths as teaching tools in her workshops, and we have a labyrinth of our own, in the back yard.

One of the traditions of walking a labyrinth is that you leave a "gift" or an "offering" at the center of the labyrinth... a sort of token or thank you for the walking meditation you just enjoyed.

People leave all manners of things as "labyrinth gifts," and I decided that I would make some smaller stones we could bring with us and leave at any labyrinths we visited while traveling. This was not at all "commercially" inclined. As we talked about it some more, it also sounded like a great idea for other people who wanted to leave a unique and "spiritual" offering.

In some ways, these are also our own gifts or offerings to people... given the time and effort that goes into each stone vs. the price at which we sell them, it's really not a "money making proposition." However, I felt compelled to make these, and to make them part of our selection.

At this time, they are "by request only," and only available "assorted," but we promise to make you up a colorful selection!

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