Heart Stones

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you might be wondering how it could possibly be appropriate to give the love of your life a ROCK as a gift.

Does seem a little odd, right?

But a "gift from the heart" doesn't always have to be the obvious: Chocolate, jewelry, flowers and so on. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you.

But getting back to rocks, we do actually have some Alchemy Stones that are "about the heart." These are designs that were inspired by Love while I was painting them-- sometimes because I started with a heart shaped rock, sometimes not... and they can definitely be given as gifts with lasting meaning. Let's face it, few things are more "permanent" than rocks!

Typically, the most popular Heart Stones are in the "pocket stone" size-- guys carry them as personal talismans, and they serve as a constant reminder (and quite tangible) reminder of their sweetie.

Of course, you can also go a completely different route and pick up one of our Heart Chakra stones, specifically designed to help balance and soothe the Heart Chakra.

Either way, an Alchemy Stone could be the perfect gift for this Valentine's Day!

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