The Intent Behind Alchemy Stones and the Red Dragonfly

As we announced a few months back, Alchemy Stones are now available at the Red Dragonfly Gallery, here in Port Townsend, Washington.

We — that is, Sarah and Peter — are also the proprietors of the Red Dragonfly.

The Alchemy Stones display at Red Dragonfly
Whereas the Red Dragonfly offers alternative art created by over 40 local and regional artists, a major part of our intent in having the gallery was to have a "street level" venue through which to share Alchemy Stones with the world.

Of course, we have long gone to crafts shows, street fairs and festivals, but there is a distinct difference between having a temporary booth, and having a permanent retail space.

So far, the "experiment" has been going quite well! What we have learned from being in a "retail setting" is that we are seeing a completely different customer than we get at more "targeted" events.

Port Townsend is also very much a "tourist venue" which means we have been seeing people from much further away than we normally have had access to. This past summer, we have sold stones to visitors from as far away as Finland, New Zealand, the Ukraine and Argentina! And that is definitely not something we have experienced before.

As an artist, it has been a very rewarding and cool experience to get a lot of positive feedback about my work, from such a wide variety of people. Of course, reactions run the range from those who are "instant fans," to those who simply don't understand what I am doing, nor why anyone in their right mind would pay good money for a painted rock. But that's pretty much to be expected.

On the balance, the experience has been very positive, and hopefully things will continue to go well!

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