Alchemy Stones + the 2021 Labyrinth Society (Virtual) Gathering

This coming weekend — October 23-24 — is the annual Gathering of The Labyrinth Society (TLS), and Alchemy Stones is pleased to be part of the Gathering! 

Normally, these gatherings take place in physical space, but for "obvious reasons" this year's gathering will be virtual. Alchemy Stones will participate via a "Virtual Table" in the Vendor Marketplace that's part the TLS "World" on the Topia web site.

If you find yourself here via a link from TLS, Welcome!

For your convenience, here's a list of our own "Alchemy Stones Virtual Shops" around the web:

Alchemy Stones on Etsy

Alchemy Stones on eBay

Alchemy Stones at the Amazon Handmade Marketplace

Alchemy Stones at the Facebook Marketplace

If you are a TLS member, you can also find me "live" at the Alchemy Stones "Virtual Table" in the main TLS Topia World! I can "show things for the camera" and also show you some of the smaller stones ($4 to $10 each) that are not in the online shops!

Alchemy Stones are not only pretty to look at, they are also excellent meditation objects to hold while walking a labyrinth. In addition, many people like to leave one of our "petite" stones as a "gratitude offering" when walking a labyrinth in a public place!

The most recent thing we have added to the world of Alchemy Stones is wearable! Very few beach stones are flat, thin and light enough that they can be drilled to be used as pendants, but a limited selection is now available through the Etsy shop — check it out!

Thanks for your continued interest in Alchemy Stones — lots more to come, before the holidays!

All the best, Peter & Sarah

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