Fey Folk & Fairy Fairs!

The Spring Fairy Festival is an annual event hosted in WA State by Crescent Moon Gifts, and each year, it becomes bigger, brighter and more fun.

We're going to attend with our wonderful "Purple Pop Up" and we have the wings to go along with it too! Plan on attending, rain or shine, Saturday May 21! We'll be there all day with some new Chakra Sets, fabulous coloring books, stone fairies and altar stone sets! Many of these mystical wonders will be snuggled into Sarah's "treasure bags" made from recycled materials and goods found at thrift stores and garage sales.

If you're VERY FEY (like us) you're going to want to camp out for a few days with a bunch of glitter flinging bandits in Twisp, WA later this June at the Fairy & Human Relations Congress. Roll up your sleeping bags, bring a drum (or two) and look for the "Purple Pop Up" again!


It's Showtime Again! See us November 7th at the Healing Hearts Psychic Fair

It's getting towards that time of the year again-- the Holidays.

Alchemy Stones is going "on the road" again, offering a chance for those who know us from the web to come visit us on person.

Our next event will be the Healing Hearts Psychic Fair, which takes place on Saturday, November 7th at the Baymont Inn and Suites in Bremerton, Washington. The fair hours are 10:00am till 8:00pm, and there is free parking, and no admission fee to get in.

This is the 9th year for the Healing Hearts Psychic Fair, which features a variety of classes, healing sessions, readings by psychics and intuitives, as well an area with magical arts and gift vendors, which is where you will find Alchemy Stones-- come by and visit us!

This is a charity event! A substantial portion of proceeds from the Fair goes towards supporting and helping local community members who are facing unexpected challenges and need assistance.

To help support the event, we have donated an Alchemy Stone and bag (pictured) to the event raffle.

If you live on the Kitsap Peninsula (or in the Puget Sound area, in general) we hope to see you there!

As it is early in the season, we will have an excellent selection of Alchemy Stones-- including our (almost perpetually sold out) Chakra Stone sets, individual Chakra Stones for healing and lots more... and, of course, the ever popular "petite" Alchemy Stones which make perfect stocking stuffers when you just don't know what to get someone!


New Alchemy Stone Design Ideas

"What's new?"

It's a question that gets asked a lot-- it seems woven into the fabric of human existence that we are always looking for "new" things. I sometimes get asked the same thing about Alchemy Stones, and the designs I am working on.

Alchemy Stone designs-- being nothing at all like laundry detergent (which always seems "new and improved!")-- are generally fairly constant... as they have been, since I drew the first ones, many years ago.

That said, small changes do happen.

Lately, spirals have been at the forefront of my mind, and they are showing up in more and more designs.

The spiral is an ancient symbol, dating back-- as far as historians know-- to at least the Neolithic period, thus predating writing by a significant margin.

Spirals seem to have many symbolic meanings; meanings that seem to depend somewhat on who you ask. Some see the spiral as representing the cycles of life and rebirth. Many variations of spirals occur in the natural world, so sometimes the spiral is symbolic of "natural" (as opposed to "constructed") things-- spirals have no sharp angles or "corners," which tend to be human constructs. Although circles are more commonly used, spirals are sometimes used to symbolize "Spirit," or "things spiritual."

The other new-ish designs I have been working on are stones with two or more mandalas. I tend to think of these as "relationship stones," symbolizing the connections between people, things or ideas.

Sometimes the mandalas are very similar, sometimes they are quite different... in each case, they are connected by a line that represents the invisible "threads" that connect us to each other.

Finally, to answer another question I sometimes get... No, I don't "get bored" with doing the same designs, over and over.

Much like snowflakes, each Alchemy Stone is ultimately unique and no two are ever quite "the same." Because painting the stones represent a meditation for me, I am never in the same state of mind twice, and so I never end up creating the same stone twice... either visually or energetically.


New Designs in the Alchemy Stones Shops!

Since we returned from vacation at the end of June, I have been hard at work to create new designs and restock our two Alchemy Stone shops.

The selection has never been larger or more colorful, so we'd like to invite everyone to visit our two online stores:


As we have a couple of Arts and Crafts fairs in our near future, we will be continuing to add many new designs in the coming weeks!

Announcements of the where-and-when of the shows will be posted as soon as we receive confirmation-- check back often!


Are they really all FREE Hand Painted?

It is always interesting for me to watch people look at Alchemy Stones in a "live" setting, like an arts & crafts show or festival.

People ask me "what kind of stencils" I use, and whether the designs are "a transfer." Some want to know if it "hurts my eyes" to paint in such detail. Others want to know if I sketch out the patterns before painting them on the rocks.

No, I don't use any stencils, transfers or other "plans" created ahead of time.

Alchemy Stones are 100% free-hand painted, going only by what I see inside my head. Even this large stone pictured here simply started as the single dot in the center, and then developed from there.

I simply start with a stone and some colors... and then start building a design from there. After the first few elements are laid down on the stone, I pretty much just "intuit" what to do next.

My wife insists it's "channeled information." Maybe she's right-- or maybe I just happen to be "one of those people" who work well on a really small scale. The metaphysical properties associated with a design definitely feels like channeled information, so maybe it all just walks hand in hand.

Much of the time, I have no idea what's going to come out, when I start painting. And sometimes, I'm as surprised as some of those around me who have been watching.

Alchemy Stones are definitely "inspired by" Sacred Geometry and recursive patterns in nature (fractals), but I generally don't refer to them directly as BEING Sacred Geometry because I don't want to lock myself into having to recreate accurate reproductions of the Flower of Life (for example) on every stone I paint... I'm more in favor of the "let's just see what comes out" method.

Besides, it's a lot more fun that way!

So to conclude, YES the stones are 100% free-hand painted, and every one is unique.


Vacation Time!

This is just a very brief announcement that the Alchemy Stones stores on both eBay and Etsy will be temporarily closed down on Wednesday, June 3rd for our annual vacation.

The stores will reopen for business and normal order filling will resume on Monday, June 29th.

While the shops are "offline" for purchases, you can still view what's available and bookmark favorites for later purchase. Both eBay and Etsy offer a "notify me" service that will send you an email reminder when the shops reopen.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we take this much needed break!


Why there are so few "pale" Alchemy Stones

We periodically get asked why there seem to be so few "pale" Alchemy Stones.

Or... sometimes people want to know why almost all Alchemy Stones are dark or black, when there are usually 100s of different stone colors found on virtually every beach.

It's definitely true that lighter colored stones seldom show up in our collection. There are a few good reasons for this.

A lot of pale/white rock is quartz/granite based, and is made up of actual crystals ranging in size from a grain of sugar to... well, several inches across.

Since we have deliberately made the choice to only work with naturally tumbled beach stones, we have to work with what we can find. Most of the time, these pale stones never get truly smooth surfaces-- their surfaces are more like the skin of an orange, and the numerous tiny "pits" cause paint to flow in all sorts of directions... mostly directions where I don't want paint.

The mandala patterns on Alchemy Stones are extremely accurate and detailed... so it's simply not possible to paint them on a "rough" surface. That said, some of our large "Garden Stones" often have less smooth surfaces... it works because the level of detail on Garden Stones is much lower.

Occasionally, a pale stone will appear to be very smooth. I'll bring it home and wash it... and then start painting, only to discover that it actually has thousands of minute "fissures" (cracks) in the surface. Paint-- being liquid-- will follow any path open to it... so what starts as a straight line will look "feathered" within 10 seconds as the paint flows to fill these tiny cracks. Again, these just can't be painted well, so I generally avoid them.

By contrast, many dark stones are formed as a result of very finely powdered silt (like fine grain clay) turning into rock in the course of millions of years. These very tiny grains of silt allow for an extremely smooth and crack-free surface to form, clear of any tiny cracks to "misdirect" the paint.

One final issue I come across is that many pale stones (especially in the granite family) are not a uniform color-- they are actually patterned and multi-colored, like a granite kitchen countertop. Why is that a problem? That's a matter of personal aesthetic preferences, I suppose-- I just can't get it to "look right," a bit like trying to wear plaid and stripes together-- it hurts my eyes!

All that said, I do occasionally come across pale stones that turn out to be smooth enough to paint... and they offer a lovely contrast background for darker paint colors, as show in a couple of examples here.

Occasionally I hear "Why don't you just put the pale rocks in a rock tumbler?"

Well, whereas that might work-- in the functional sense-- it goes against our intention that Alchemy Stones are "natural" and come to you unaltered, with nothing but surface decoration added.