Show Season 2023: Thanks to All Our Friends!

Last few weeks have been very busy, but now we have finished Alchemy Stones' 2023 events schedule, and it's time for some well-deserved rest, and time with family!

This year, Alchemy Stones traveled to Port Gamble, Washington as vendors at the Port Gamble Ghost Conference for the first time. It was a lovely event, and it is fun and rewarding to meet an audience that is different from whom we usually see at Arts & Crafts fairs. 

Our booth at the Chimacum Arts & Crafts Fair
Without a doubt, we will be looking into doing more "niche events" in the months and years ahead!

Of course, our "Big" show of the year was the Chimacum Arts and Crafts Fair in December! This 36-year old event always draws large crowds, and we really like it because the quality of the merchants is kept very high. 

Since it is local to our area, it is also a great way for us to stay in touch with our local customers, many of whom became friends while we had our gallery in downtown Port Townsend, back before all the COVID chaos. 

As always, we did extremely well with small "pick up gifts," selling out of several items. I think a lot of people who visit our web sites and online shops aren't always aware that you can get a hand painted Alchemy Stone for for under $10!

We got to catch up with a number of old friends, which was lovely... several of whom we had not seen since the 2019 show season. It's good to renew old friendships.

Our booth at Chimacum
All in all, it's just really nice to feel like people are feeling safe to be "out and about" again!

Quite gratifying is also the fact that we're starting to see a few Alchemy Stone "collectors" who have been following my work through the years and how have whole "displays" in their homes! That's far beyond anything I had ever hoped for... and I have much gratitude!

We're going to take a well-deserved rest now, but look forward to another year. I'm already thinking up new ideas and design styles.

I will be posting a schedule of 2024 events we'll be attending sometime in the spring... or when we get some sort of sense of when we'll be where! In general, though, we recommend visiting the Etsy shop as it is always "in stock!"

In the meantime, we'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season!

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