Showtime: First Time at the Port Gamble Ghost Conference!

This year, we expanded our horizons a bit by including more "niche" events in our show schedule.

Alchemy Stones tend to appeal to a very wide audience, and we have long had a strong "fan base" within UFO-Paranormal-Metaphysics circles. 

So, for the second weekend in November, we returned to historic Port Gamble, Washington for the 2023 Port Gamble Ghost Conference. Although we have previously been at a Steampunk event in Port Gamble — a decade ago — this was our first time to be part of this particular event.

The event — well, the part where the vendors were — took place in the history Port Gamble Theater. 

One of the things we really enjoyed was that the vendor tables were in the same auditorium as the presentations, so we got to participate, while also showing off the stones to a new audience.

We had a really enjoyable time, and the weather also cooperated reasonably well!

I'm adding a couple of photos of our table from inside the main theater, but they are a bit dark and grainy. It is, however, a very cool old building... as is all of the town of Port Gamble.

Pete Orbea and crew put on an excellent event, and it was quite well attended. As I said before, we have a fairly large "fan base" in the world of the paranormal, and this was no exception. We got to see quite a few familiar faces, and we made some new friends, as well!

This was a fun event, and we definitely hope to be back next year. We might even have two vendor spaces, as Sarah is hoping to give a presentation, and she will have her Spiritus Mundi Oracle Deck ready to sell by then.


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