The Magic of Silver

Recently, I have started painting rocks again. Maybe it's the onset of of shorter days that's inspiring me to undertake more creative "indoor" ventures.

I have been working on designs using silver paint, and which also make use of more solid lines in the patterns, like this piece with a star.

Silver is interesting-- and rather tricky-- to work with because it's not really "paint," in the traditional understanding of the word. Rather, it's tiny metallic shavings in a liquid "suspension" of sort. I only use silver on very dark (almost black) rocks, because the suspension leaves behind a "shadow" of sorts, on paler backgrounds.

The end result tends to be rather magical, however. The properties of the silver decoration varies tremendously, depending on the light conditions. In bright light, silver patterns look more or less like they are "reflective white," and they are not necessarily the most eye-catching. However, in low light silver becomes brighter and almost luminous.

As a simple experiment, I was looking at this design while sitting at the table. Then I walked it down the dark corridor towards the bedroom... and the pattern totally "popped" in the dark. Part of the appeal of Alchemy Stones is precisely that they change appearance, right before your eyes.

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